IFGTM 2017

IFGTM 2017 has been successfully completed

On the Occasional of the 15th Anniversary of Institute of Environmental Technology Establishment, the 7th International Forum on Green Technology Management (IFGTM 2017) was organized at IET headquarter in Hanoi. This forum aimed to bring together scientists of different research fields to exchange ideas and research outcomes concerning various aspects of environment, especially related to green technology and management, to discuss the new approaches and innovative solution for environmental protection in Vietnam. A total of approximately 200 participants from 06 international scientific research organisations and more than 20 domestic scientific organisations participated in this forum. Within this forum, 08 perspectives of Vietnamese scientists and Japanese scienctists  relating to the pollution of environment in Vietnam as well as in the world, in particular: solid waste and hazadous waste management, water and wastewater treatment technology, air control pollution, climate change, environmental engineering monitoring, analysis and modeling; 3R; biodiversity and agricultural environment; coastal marine and 30 posters.  14 donors, enterprises and partners also participated in and sponsored this forum.

On this forum, we received more 140 abstracts, nearly 80 full papers from Vietnam and intenational scientists. A total of 50 full papers were reviewed and published in Vietnamese Technology and Science Journal (Vol. 55, No. 4C, October 2017). 19 perspectives were selected and presented in 4 sections:  water and wastewater treatment technology; biodiversity and climate change; Solid waste and air pollution treatment. In 2017, CGTRM consortium welcomed the joining of 02 new members: Nguyen Tat Thanh University; Duy Tan University, Da Nang, raising the total number of members to 18.



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