Submission guidelines


(Published in the Vietnam-Journal of Science and Technology)


·        Fulltext must be written in English.

·        The fulltext is required summary, keywords

·        The fulltext have to be presented on A4 size paper (do not use Custom size or letter)

1. Page Formats (page setup)

Margins:     Top: 3.5 cm

Left: 3:42 cm

Bottom: 4.5 cm

Right: 2.5 cm

2. Content

Size:                                 11

Font:                                  Times New Roman

Paragraph:   Before:           4 pt;

After:             2 pt;

Line spacing: Single;

First line:       0.8 cm;

                     Header:         1.27 cm; 

                     Footer:          3.5 cm.

3. Article Name

        Font:                                 Times New Roman,

        Font size:                              14,

       Typeface:                               UPPERCASE, bold,

       Centered, space before:         24 pt,

       Space after:                           18 pt;

       Line spacing:                         Single.




4. Author name:

      Font:                                  Times New Roman,

 Centered, font size:            12,

Typeface:                               bold,

Space before:                      18 pt, after 12 pt.

5. Address:

Font:                                   Times New Roman,

Font size:                            11,

Typeface:                            italic,

Alignment:                          centered,

Mark:                                  numbered (1, 2, 3, 4…) in the xponential,

Spacing:                              before 18 pt, after 12 pt.



Vũ Như Lân1, Bùi Hải Lê2, Trần Đức Trung2,*

1Viện Công nghệ thông tin, Viện Khoa học và Công nghệ Việt Nam

2Viện Nghiên cứu cơ khí, Trường Đại học Bách khoa Hà Nội

Mail: xxxx@xxxxx

Đến Tòa soạn ngày: XX  XX 20XX và

Nhận đăng ngày: XX  XX 20XX  viết ngay dưới tên cơ quan


Information:                       Received date, Published date

Font:                                   Times New Roman,

Font size and typeface:       font size 11,  standing type, centered, space before 18 pt, space after 12 pt

6. Main headings such as: Introduction, materials and research methods, results and discussion, conclusion, references: 

Font:                                   Times New Roman,

Font size and typeface :      UPPERCASE, font size 11 pt, bold, space before18 pt, space after 12 pt, centered.




7.     Sub-headings, for example: 2.1, 2.2,….,

Font:                                   Times New Roman

Font size and typeface :                lowercase bold, font size 11pt; space before and after 12 pt, left align.

Example:     2.1. Materials

                        2.2. Methods

8.     Sub- sub-headings, for example 2.1.1, 2.1.2,

Font:                                   Times New Roman

Font size and typeface:                 lowercase italic, font size 11, space before and after 12 pt, left align.

Example:            2.2.1. Effects of CO2 on gas-exchange characteristics of….

                                    2.2.2. Responses of roots to temperature increasing

9.     Cited References: [1, 2, 3, 4]

10.             Indents and spacing 1 Tab = 0.8 cm, space before 4 pt, space after 2 pt.

11.      Tables:          font Times New Roman, font size 10

11.1.    Table name:            on the top of the tables, centered;

Headings: Table 1, Table 2, italic.

Content of table: lowercase.

11.2.    Font and number used in tables: font Times New Roman, font size 10, space before 4 pt, after 2 pt.


Table 1. Two-way ANOVA of …..

Table 1. The inhibitory activities of fermented black bean and fermented soybean against     α-glucosidase from different microbial sources, %


Source of α-glucosidase

Type of inhibitors

Bacillus licheniformis

Aspergillus niger

Aspergillus oryzae

Fermented black bean




Fermented soybean









12.       Figures:    font       Times New Roman

Caption under figures:     font size 10, centered, space before & space after 12 pt.

Font used in figures:                   font size 8 – 9, font Times New Roman

Figure 1. Evolution of carbon dioxide (a), oxygen (b), hexadecane degraders (c) and residual hexadecane (d) for five moistures


13.             Acknowledgment: Lowercase, italic, bold; Font: Times New Roman, font size 10, space before 12 pt, space after 12 pt.

Left align.

Acknowledgment. The authors acknowledge financial support from the Ministry of Higher Education and Research of French Republic

14.      Cited References:

 - Citation must be numbered in order of appearance in the references.

 - Author's name abbreviation: write full name first, then abbreviated name and a dot (.) after abbreviation.

Example: Hulyal S. B. and Kaliwal B. B.;

- References are presented in two groups:

A - Magazine (note number/volume bold format)

Author's Name – The article title, journal name, number (year) page.

1. Hulyal S. B. and Kaliwal B. B. - Dynamics of phytoplankton in relation to physico-chemical factors of Almatti reservoir of Bijapur District, Karnataka State. Environ Monit Assess 153 (2008) 45-59. 

2. Karlson B., Cusack C., and Bresnan E. - Microscopic and Molecular methods for quantitative phytoplankton analysis, IOC Manual and Guides 55 (2010) 144-156.

B- Conference, Proceedings, books ….

Author's Name - Name book, Conference name, ,… Publisher, Place of publication, year of publication, page number.

1.     Vũ Văn Hùng, Dương Đ. T. - Phân loại vi khuẩn Lam ở Việt Nam, Nhà xuất bản Nông nghiệp, Hà Nội, 1996, tr. 220.

15.                          Abstract:  

Font:                              Times New Roman

Font size and typeface:  11 pt, bold, space before 18  pt, space after 12  pt.


16.                         English name of articles:

Font:                                        Times New Roman,

Font size and typeface:  11, UPPERCASE, space before 12 pt, space after 12  pt.




Mainly based on the use of microorganisms to degrade pollutants, bioremediation appears as a green solution and perfectly adapts to organic pollutants like hydrocarbons. Generally, the aliphatic hydrocarbons have low chemical reactivity and bioavailability. However, they can be degraded by some microorganisms. The biodegradation of a pollutant can be observed by measuring the concentration of consumed oxygen and produced carbon dioxide.

Keywords:  italic, Times New Roman 11, space before 12 pt, space after 12 pt. Left align.


Từ khóa:  sinh phân hủy, thổ nhưỡng, độ ẩm

Keywords: hexadecane, biodegradation, contaminated, soil, oxygen, moisture.


Header and Footer

1. Header

First pageFirst page header:

Journal name, number, year, page number.

Font:                    10 Arial; italic, left alignment

Example:              - Articles published in Vietnamese journal:


Tạp chí Khoa học và Công nghệ 49 (4) (2011) 11-25


-         Articles published in English journal:


Journal of Science and Technology 49, Number 5 (2011) 1-12


Second page:                 Even page header

Author’s name:              font 10, Arial, italic, right align

Note: in case, there are many authors, just use the first author’s name.



Chunzhao Guo, Takayuki Yamabe, Seiichi Mita



Third page:                   Odd page header

Article’s name:              font 10, Arial, italic, left align.

Note: In case the article’s title is too long, need to break down and use the mark (...).


Một thuật toán mới cho mô hình chuỗi thời gian mờ Heurictic trong dự báo chứng khoán


2. Footer

Page number:       Outside; font 11, Times New Roman.




Poster size

Posters should be designed and clearly-presented in A0 size (841 mm x 1,189 mm or 33.11 inch x 46.81 inch)




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