IFGTM 2017

Technical and cultural tours

It is please to inform participants of IFGTM 2017 the plan of Technical tour and Cultural tour on October 25th as follows:It is please to inform participants of IFGTM 2017 the plan of Technical tour and Cultural tour on October 25th as follows:

- Time: from 13:30 to 17:00, October 25th, 2017

- Places of visit: Ho Tay wastewater treatment plan; Bat Trang Village, Eco-park

- Schedule:

13:30: Pick up at Institute of Environmental Technology (VAST).

14:00: Arrive at Ho Tay wastewater treatment plan.

15:00: Leave the Ho Tay wastewater treatment plan for Bat Trang Village, Ecopark.

15:30: Arrive at Bat Trang Village, Ecopark

16:30: Leave Ecopark for IET (VAST).


Participation fee for the both tours

IFGTM Organizers will cover the fees for bus, entrance tickets and tour guide. These fees include in conference fee of 500,000 VND that participants will pay at the conference on October 25th, 2017.

Participants should prepare drinks or foods by themselves.

Technical tour: Ho Tay wastewater treatment plan (Phu Dien Group)






Location: Nhat Tan – Tay Ho Dist – Hanoi


Area: 4.000 m2

Capacity: 22.800m3/day


Cultural tour: Bat Trang Pottery Village, Ecopark

Bat Trang Pottery Village

Bat Trang, the seven-century old pottery village, is an interesting attraction in Hanoi that tourists should not ignore.


Located in an area rich in clay, the village has advantage of ingredients to create fine ceramics. Lying between two anciency trade centers, Thang Long and Pho Hien, Bat Trang ceramics soon have soon become the favorite product not only in domestic market but also foreign ones thanks to Japan, Chinese and Western trading boats passed by since 15th – 17th century.


Bat Trang ceramics are produced for daily household use (bow, cup, plates, pot, bottle…), worshipping, or decoration purposes. Nowadays, the pottery artists bring into ceramics many innovations in production techniques, and creativity in products’ features, hence many new products have been born, and even daily household items may have the beauty like decoration ones.


Visiting Bat Trang, tourists can take a walk or join a buffalo tour for sightseeing and shopping. Besides many ceramic stores along the road in the village, tourists should visit Bat Trang Porcelain and Pottery Market where they can experience in making pottery products by themselves. 

Bat Trang belongs to Gia Lam district of Hanoi

Eco park

Ecopark is an urban township development on the outskirts of Hanoi, in Hung Yen Province. It is located near Bat Trang village, just 4 km from Thanh Tri Bridge and 13 km from Hoan Kiem Lake – The center of Hanoi


Ecopark is believed to own a poetic and perfect location, lying along the Bac Hai Hung river bank and embraced by the Red river and Duong River.  A river is inherently symbolic of some well-known major cities, and a crucial measure for the urban development to satisfy the demand of landscape, relaxation activities for residents. The scale of the urban area reaches nearly 500 ha while the lake area already account for 100 ha, which plays the role of a giant "lung", providing fresh air for the living environment.


Ecopark not only designs comfortable homes, but also provides an outstanding living space. A complex synchronization management and green project have been formed to bring a better life for Vietnamese. With a modern design located in the green forests and surrounded by the poetic rivers, it can be said that Ecopark is a perfect combination of tradition and modernity blending with the beauty of nature. 




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